I would like to share with you some information about the French culture. This blog will be for you the opportunity to get some tips and learn maybe more about France and its assets.


I could speak about the clichés you can have about France or give you more details on the french lifestyle and so on... But tomorrow, the 2nd of February, is really special for us in our French culture.... It is "La Chandeleur", or "Candlemas" in english.
Millions of crepes will be cooked and eaten everywhere in France on Saturday ! And I will do it for sure with my family.


In the History...

At the beginning, it was a latin and pagan feast day under the Roman Empire: people were walking down the streets with candles to celebrate God Pan. Then, It became a religious celebration with Pope Gélase 1st during the 5th century: this feast day symbolized the presentation of Jesus at the temple, 40 days after his birth. Believers were invited to parade by holding candles and singing. 

According to beliefs, some people say that with this feast day we celebrate the end of the winter that is coming soon... Well, we need to wait until at least end of march! A crepe, round and golden, symbolizing the sun.


Some customs around the crepes:

According to the rural tradition, people need to flip the crepe with their right hand while holding a coin on their left hand in order to bring happiness and prosperity to their homes and families.
People may also think that we should flip the first crepe several times in order to ward off bad luck for the coming year.


A special day in each family

Finally, I will just say that we can not miss this special day and we cook crepes. Everyone has his own recipe and according to where French people are coming from, crepes can be made only with milk, or milk/water or milk/beer and/or a little rum....
Grand-parents usually give their own recipe to their grandchildren ! It is like a secret in the family. 
We usually make crepes during all the year, and in our family it is even once a week, during the week-end, like a Sunday tradition.... But the 2nd of February we will not avoid cooking delicious crepes. 


I found this video below on youtube from a french chef. Let's see how he is cooking them.
And see you soon in a next post, writing about French culture.