Who is behind ShopFrenchy and why create this brand ?


Audrey Leclercq, Founder ShopFrenchy
I am French, I live in Sweden since January 2016. I arrived directly from France in this amazing country with my family, a French husband coming from the north (of France) and 2 amazing kids who have enjoyed living here. At the beginning, I worked as volunteer for a French association here in Stockholm called Stockholm Accueil during 2 years and I tried to learn Swedish ! Tough but i keep going !
Since I am here in Stockholm, I could see that the Swedes really like France. You love the wines, the great food and you enjoy, when it is possible, to travel and visit Paris, the French Riviera or another area in France. 
As I wanted to create my own company, I thought that i could offer something new and speak about France in another way.  Therefore, I decided to be an entrepreneur and face new exciting challenges by managing my own company.
Graduated from the EDHEC Business School in Nice, I worked for more than 10 years in the travel industry as project and product manager, both in France and in Belgium. I really enjoy creating and promoting new product offers to the customers. What if I could bring a little piece of France directly to you and make you discover amazing and innovative French products made with high standard quality.



What are the values of ShopFrenchy ?


Behind the brand ShopFrenchy, you discover French products 100% made in France. The values that i want to share with you are High Quality, Know-How, Innovation and Creativity. 
How to share these values ? How to communicate and promote these French assets ? Through an online store!  http://www.shopfrenchy.com was born.
You will discover French talented brands and they have all a story to tell. Through these brands, you may improve your knowledge about the French culture, the French lifestyle and the French know-how. It could be new French brands that you may not have heard of and I hope you will be surprised and pleased. 
ShopFrenchy allows the delivery of French innovative, original and qualitative products directly from French manufacturers and designers to your doorsteps.
France is also a land where designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs can express themselves and create innovative and original products 100% made in France. These people are passionate and talented and want to share their love for high quality products and their values. 



Why choose a rooster as the ShopFrenchy’s icon ? origami rooster


Did you know that the rooster is the unofficial symbol for France, this is the most popular one. It is really part of our history. The choice of a rooster with an origami shape is motivated by the willingness to highlight the innovation and creativity of French craftsmen and designers. Such French companies will tell you the story of their brand, will share with you their values and express how high quality is essential for them. 
A rooster as a symbol of pride :  
  • Pride of the French talents, 
  • Pride to be able to offer them a new visibility abroad online, here in Sweden, 
  • Pride to give you the opportunity to discover new products with these French brands.


What is the situation since end of 2019 ?


As you may have noticed, we can not buy the products online anymore. As it may happen, I came back to France end of 2019 after almost 4 years in Sweden. Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to continue selling this selection of French products on the Swedish market without being in Sweden. It was a great challenge to create this website and talk about French products. The website is still open but we can not purchase online anymore. If you want to know more about this qualitative and innovative French brands, I have written their websites on "our brands". Tusen tack ! 


ShopFrenchy will let you discover unexpected French brands. You are welcome to go through our website and enjoy the French "Art de Vivre" with a French "Savoir-Faire" .

Shop French on ShopFrenchy.com ! Try it !

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