This is an amazing brand and you can learn more on their website, you can even find information and details of their products in english.  

Maybe you will wonder what "Gone's" means in French... Well, a "gone" refers to a kid, but a kid from Lyon, one of the biggest city in France. We have several different ways to speak about a kid in France depending where you come from... 

The brand is above all a story of two brothers from Lyon who decided to work together in 2013. They started their company in Marseille but they decided to move back to Lyon where they were born.

One of them is the talented designer craftsman. he was trained in different places in France but he also went to Helsinki, in Finland, to be trained by the famous Finnish designer, Ilkka Suppanen. 

Their commitment : Design is for everyone, so let's stay fun! 




Gone's designs and produces innovative, creative and original objects for your home: The objects tell a story, they are elegant, singular, colorful and with a design with clean lines. A design with a Scandinavian influence and a French manufacturing.



You will get objects with a eco-friendly design, made of natural materials, made in France. Gone's Tries everyday to be sustainable with the choice of their materials, their partners and their manufacturing techniques, using natural wood and concrete 100% mineral.

Let's try them ! Discover all the products here for home decoration and here to explore all the lamps and specifically for kids.

You will adopt and love them. They could be great ideas for gifts to your friends and family. 

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