french brand Gustave & Cie Made in France  


Gustave & Cie is one of the multiple examples of innovative French brands.

They offer original fashion accessories 100% Made in France.


Do not hesitate to visit their website, information can be found in different languages such as english.

What would you say about the French style? How could you imagine elegant fashion accessories from France? 

                                                    Gustave & cie brand french bowties    


The company was founded in Dijon, in Bourgogne, in 2014 with an amazing and innovative idea of producing metal bowties. This kind of material is rarely used in the fashion world. Through this kind of accessories, the brand wishes to speak about elegance, modernity, youth and durability.

After bowties, they decided to offer also pocket squares 4-in-1, fabric and elastic suspenders which have also a « Y » metal part in the back . 

The presence of the metal in their accessories is also the way to pay tribute to the French main symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower owes its name to Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. And did you know that Gustave Eiffel was born in Dijon, in Bourgogne !  

Gustave Eiffel Tower in France

In 2017, they decided to be once again innovative and creative with the launch of the 24h watch. All is manufactured in France except for the Swiss mechanism.  

You will discover a new vision of the time. The 24h watch is not a traditional watch, indeed the codes change with a one-hand dial, a discrete compass indicating the north once the hand is pointed to the sun. 

24h watch 24h elegant french watch

Through all these accessories and types of watches, Gustave & Cie focuses on high-standard quality with a 100% French manufacturing, a French know-how from Bourgogne.


Go through this selection of products and discover urban, unique and timeless fashion accessories. All these accessories are made for men and women who want to enjoy life, be epicurean and think that each day can be rich of discoveries ! 

Discover the selection of 24h and 12h watches, the metal bowties, the fabric and elastic suspenders, the pocket squares and of course the « Y » Made in France socks.

Watch Collection Louis - 12h Watch : 

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